The Importance Of Outsourcing Your Social Media To A Specialist

Living in 2023, it’s more vital than ever for businesses to have a strong social media presence. While many still believe social media is an afterthought when it comes to their marketing plan, depending on the company, there are a number of platforms a brand can utilize to help connect to new clients and engage loyal customers, thus allowing your business to reach new levels of success.

As most people have personal profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter (and the list goes on …), it can be quite tempting for business owners to take on social media duties or delegate it to another employee. How hard can it be to weave together some words and post a photo? Well, the truth is, social media plans are so much more than slapping a picture on Instagram with a hashtag on it; social media content and strategy is better left to the professionals, and here’s why:

Get It Done Right

Just like any business or marketing plan, social media takes some strategy, and is more than just random posts placed on a day and time that is conducive to your work schedule. A social media specialist can create a plan to help  your company get the most out of social media.

Social media content providers understand that there are different audiences on each specific social media platform; therefore, different messages and content are required. They also understand there are strategic times of day to post, depending on the social media platform. Plus, all social media platforms don’t always need to be a part of your social media marketing plan, and this is something a professional can help determine. If you or the employee dedicated to social media don’t have the social media marketing experience (posting pictures of your vacation on Facebook don’t count), then you both are simply wasting time. Better to hire a professional to ensure that your social media resources are getting the best bang for their buck.

Consistent & Updated Content

As social media your main area of expertise, or the employee you volun-told for the job, the duties of this job can fall to the waste side when things get busy. That means your Facebook and Instagram page might not be updated as regularly as you’d like, and there is nothing worse than a potentially new client searching for your brand on social media, only to find outdated information. If you aren’t posting regularly and consistently, following a strategic plan laid out, you and your business are truly missing out on connecting with customers on a grand scale.

Posting consistently not only helps update your followers on what your business is doing, it increases your company’s social media following. More followers means more people checking out what you do; more client engagement; it also means more individuals checking out your business’ website, which could mean increased revenue in the long run.

Hello? Are You Out There?

Hiring someone dedicated to your social media program also ensures you have someone dedicated to responding to your company’s social media messages. Social media cannot only help to recruit new clients and advertise, it can also be a tool for customer service and client retention. There’s nothing worse than having a customer reach out via Facebook and Twitter with a concern, only to have them waiting on a response. It offers up the illusion that your brand is “ignoring” them, or too “busy” for them, as everything on social media is real-time.

When a client sees that a company is dedicated to promptly reach out to their concerns or issues via social media, they feel valued. To boot, each and every customer that scrolls through your feed – with a concern or not – will also admire your prompt response. It’s all about strengthening client relationships these days, and social media has a way of solidifying these connections.

Saves Time

Whether the owner of a business is handling their company’s social media, or simply an inexperienced employee, chances are that you have a plate full of other priorities as it is, and that posting on Instagram or Facebook is the last thing on your list. Rather than run yourself (or your staff) ragged, as you try to juggle balls that don’t fall under your expertise, hire a freelance social media expert! They will take this “to do” item off your list, and free up your time to focus on more important activities (and the things you excel at).

But, There’s No Budget For Social Media!!!!

Well, there should be!

Much like any other part of your business, funds should be allotted towards your social media strategic marketing plan – and the costs will benefit sales and customer retention when all is said and done.

If you are looking for a social media specialist to help with strategy and content, contact Metamorphosis Writing Services. We can work with any brand – and any budget – to help align social media messaging to your company’s mission and goals. Both strategic and content-only services are offered. Allow Metamorphosis Writing Services to transform the way you communicate via social media!

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelance Writer

To remain competitive in today’s business world, regardless of the industry you are in – you need to effectively communicate to your clients, employees and potential market. Your website, client letters, employee communication, marketing brochures, and your corporate blog are all powerful tools at your disposable to engage clients, employees and bring potential customers to your doorstep. More often than not, business owners make the huge mistake of trying to juggle too many activities at once. Eventually, a ball is going to drop; and this could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

It just might be time to consider hiring a freelance writer to take care of the high-level communications pieces for your business. Why? Here are the top three reasons:

  1. Budget: If you have a budget for advertising, then you have a budget for a writer. As most marketing initiatives are geared towards an online audience, you may want to skip that ad in the paper or radio, and hire a professional writer with some style, savvy and social media experience to help create some buzz around your product or services. We live in a new day and age: the average consumer has grown immune to traditional advertising. Time to stir things up. #increasedrevenue
  2. Expertise: The best writer can make even the most mundane things look exciting on paper! It’s what they do and they do it best! No need to worry about typos, grammar or relaying your message correctly: a writer is paid to focus on all of the above.
  3. Time: Leaving your website content, Facebook updates and client letters to a professional will allow you more time to do what you do best – lead your ship! Focus on the aspects of your business where you are needed most: client satisfaction, employee scheduling, budgeting, and the many other things on your business’ to do list!

Don’t just hire any freelance writer … hire a communications expert! With over two decades of professional writing experience, Dorathy Gass, Founder of Metamorphosis Writing Services has seen and done it all when it comes to freelance writing projects and communications initiatives. Whether you need assistance with a corporate blog, magazine article, employee newsletter, social media or a website – allow Metamorphosis Writing Services to transform the way you communicate to your clients, employees, and the world!

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